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About Us

DNA Certified Breeders in South Alabama

Holtz Farms is a 105 acre farm located in Florala, AL and we raise Spanish goats for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and beyond. We are members of the Spanish Goat Association and the Spanish Goat Conservation Society and all of our foundation heard has been DNA certified. We have both Kensing and Weinheimer bloodlines for sale and strive to raise the best goats for the harsh conditions (wet, hot, humid) of the Southeast.

18 month old Weinheimer billy

Kensing and Weinheimer Bloodlines

We raise and sell both Kensing and Weinheimer Spanish goats and this breeding season we have 35 breeding nannies and 3 bucks.  In September 2018 we were able to purchase a buck and 2 does from Cord and Len Weinheimer at the Spanish Goat Gathering in Mountain View, MO. as well as 2 Kensing does from the Whitworth Ranch and 2 Kensing does from Medicine River Ranch.

2019 Kidding Season

We are excited about the 2019 kidding season and bringing these new additions into our heard. Kidding should begin in the middle of February so sign up or call to reserve your kids, they go quick. You can learn more about our farm and you can follow us at https://www.facebook.com/holtzfarmsspanishgoats

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Our kids are sold quickly, so reach out to reserve your Spanish doeling or buckling or to ask any questions. 

Holtz Farms Spanish Goats

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